The expatriates

That girl on the left is me, Katrijn. I am standing in our backyard in Singapore. In this picture, I am roughly 4 years old. We moved back to the Netherlands two years later and, being a December baby, I haven't had a sunsoaked birthday since.

Until now. In this picture I am 32 years old and I'm happily living in Singapore once again, but this time with my own husband and daughter. Some history is worth repeating. This blog chronicles in a rather haphazard way life as an expat wife in Singapore, the stuff I remember about the first time I lived here, the stuff I'd like my daughter to remember and the stuff that S. lets me write about him.

Back home, I worked as a journalist, specializing in business newscareer stories and energy news (see my linkedin page) and I miss writing. So, I'm filling the void with a blog. As you do.

But I don't mind being paid for my musings. So, if you have a business proposal, please contact me at katrijnderonde (at)  

This is daughter E., pretending to be an orchid in the Botanic Gardens, mere days before her first birthday in 2011. We call her daddy's carbon copy, and there's really no need to stick two pictures of S. on this page.

Update, November 2014

We're still in Singapore. A lot has happened, but nothing much has changed, except for the arrival of baby J., now Big Boy (because that's what everybody says when they first meet him).

Here is my currently favourite ever picture of E., known as "Blondie", and J., known as "Big Boy". Big Boy joined our family at the beginning of 2013 just before the Chinese year turned from Dragon to Snake, which means we share our house with a girl tiger and a boy dragon. They get on well.

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