woensdag 5 november 2014

Singaporeans do things differently: Fridge Edition

"Where do you keep the rice?" our visitors asked.
"In the fridge", I replied.

They opened the fridge. Silence ensued.

"Is there anything you don't keep in the fridge?" they asked. I thought for a bit. Dried pasta. Onions, garlic, potatoes. Sugar. Herbs and spices. Cooking oil. And that's really it.

Back home we used to have a "table-sized" fridge (less than 100cm in height), which covered our needs. We also had a similar sized freezer, which we mostly used for storing breast milk and frozen pizza's for those days we really couldn't face cooking.

Here, we have what is known as an "American fridge" in the Netherlands, i.e. a HUMUNGOUS one. And it is full, as is the similarly sized freezer next to it.

Singapore is a tropical island (I might have mentioned this before). Our kitchen is not airconditioned. I know from experience that milk left out on the counter goes off in a couple of hours. Rice left in a bag in the cupboard, even a well-sealed bag, will become host to a nation of tiny crawling creatures in a couple of days. (We buy our rice in bags of 5kg. We buy our potatoes in bags of five pieces. It's a different world.)

This means that almost everything goes in the fridge, including:
- rice
- bread
- cookies
- jam
- chocolate
- chocolate sprinkles (they melt! They must be real chocolate after all!)
- limes
- tomatoes
- bell peppers
- bananas
- flour

However, as it turns out, dried pasta, sugar, honey, peanutbutter, appelstroop and all brands of crackers laugh in the face of humidity and heat. Make of that what you will.

What have you learnt about the art of storing food stuffs?

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