maandag 3 november 2014

Plaatjespost & Picture Post: National Day Parade (Practice)

Singapore celebrates its national existence every year on August 9 with speeches, a parade and huge fireworks. To make sure that everything goes right on the night itself, the parade (including airo-acrobatics and full fireworks) is practiced every Saturday during the six weeks before. This is a ticketed event, as is the parade itself, but since it takes place at Marina Bay*, hordes of people gather around the water to watch from not-very-far.

And so this year, we took a picknick and headed down to the Gardens by the Bay to join in the watching.

Big Boy was so very impressed (you can see him stick his fingers in his ears as the planes boom past) that I had to take him into Marina Bay Sands during the fireworks. Blondie pretended not to be impressed, but didn't quite last the full fireworks either. They are rather impressive, although I still prefer the planes.

When we were living on Clarke Quay those planes would practically zoom past our windows, as a seasonal reminder that the end of summer and the beginning of four months of lights and food and festivals was upon us.

* Apparently, from next year on it will take place at the new Stadium, which means a lot less visibility for those not in possession of a ticket.

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