maandag 17 november 2014

Plaatjespost & picture post: Koref Farm Resort (Johor, Malaysia)

I read about Koref Farm Resort in Malaysia's Johor at Cheekie Monkies, and I immediately booked ourselves a stay, because free-range rabbits are hard to come by in Singapore.

The good: the food was lovely (though not quite as organic as they make it seem in their online advertising), the rooms were clean, and the children adored feeding the fish. Koref also has the cleanest set of goats I have ever seen in my life (apparently they were to be filmed for some Chinese New Year's segment the next day).

The bad: The children adored sleeping in the same room as their parents so much, they made sure they were awake for every minute of that joyful experience.

The known: Big Boy is into escapism in the literal sense of the word.

The unknown: I really like nasi lemak with chili in the morning.

The I-really-should-have-known: There was water everywhere. There was water everywhere in the pictures at Cheekie Monkies as well. I just assumed there wouldn't ACTUALLY be water everywhere at this organic rice and fish farm. (I am not so smart sometimes.)

The fun: There was a teambuilding event going on at the largest hut, so we are now up to speed with Malaysia's Mandarin hit singles. (No, this is a GOOD thing. We danced and jumped around and tried to get the only person who knows Chinese - that would be Blondie - to tell us what the lyrics meant.)

The verdict: this is a lovely spot for people who like mud and dirt and brown rice (us) and whose kids have outgrown the immediate danger of drowning (not us).

! surprise twist at the end: Loved the Malaysian train station and railroad. Had some really good roti kahwin and teh tarik at Kluang Rail Coffee. Also, the auntie at the office manage to score us train tickets back to Singapore and let me use the office phone to call Man Tamtam who was already on his way to the bus station to see if they could hook us up with a ride back home.

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