zondag 2 november 2014

Mama monologue: Supermarket

Place: Supermarket (NTUC on Alexandra)
Time: 5pm

"No Big Boy, don't bite that lemon. That is not nice."
"No Big Boy, don't bite the tomatoe, we're not buying that." 
"No Big Boy, we're not buying that tomatoe either."
"No Big Boy, don't throw the leeks on the floor, we're eating those tonight."
"No Big Boy, don't sit on the baby tomatoes."
"Don't cry Blondie, those are not REAL babies."
"No Blondie, don't hug those baby tomatoes as if they're real babies. Remember what happened to the dishwashing liquid last week?"
"Alright, stop yelling you two, we're going to the fish counter now." 
"No, that is not dirty, those are tiger prawns."
"Yes, those fish are dead."
"No, those crabs are not dead, that is why they are walking."
"No, it won't hurt the crab when it gets eaten, by that time it will be dead."
"Yes, boiling a crab in a pan will kill it." 
"No we are not releasing the crabs, they will sting people." 
"No, this is not stealing, I will pay for the raisins later. Now eat." 

How do you keep your little ones quiet in the supermarket?

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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