zondag 16 november 2014

Mama monologue: On the bicycle

"Are you comfortable? Have you got your helmet?"
"I will re-do your hair clips when we get to school, otherwise the helmet doesn't fit."
"I would really prefer you not to hold the hair clips in your hand."
"Are you sure?"
"Alright, we'll go back to pick up your hair clips. But this time we are putting them in the bag."

"Yes, you should always stop if the light is red."
"The light for the cars is green, so we can go too."
"I know the light for the cyclists was red, but it's okay, we're pretending to be a car." 
"Mama's and papa's have special knowledge of traffic lights. We know when it is safe to run a red light." 
"The special knowledge comes to us when we become parents. You should always stop if the light is red."
"Yes, except when you are already on the street, then you should run."

"Yes, that is a baby. Hello baby!"
"No, you cannot have a baby."
"Because you are a child."
"Yes, when you grow up you can have a baby."
"No, Big Boy cannot have a baby."
"Because he is a boy, he does not have a baby place in his tummy." 
"Yes, I like babies too."
"No, I will not have a baby for you. If mama has another baby, she is keeping it herself." 
"I will think about a cat." 

"Look, there are Nicholas and his mummy."
"On the street behind us."
"No, they are not in the white car, they are walking."
"On the street behind us."
"Look behind you."
"We are on a hill, Blondie, mama cannot stop and point." 

"Mama is going to stop talking now."
"Because we are going up the hill."
"Because the hill is steep."
"Because it is hard to cycle up a steep hill." 
"No, really, I have to stop talking now." 
"I cannot answers any more questions."
"Because I cannot talk I will only say 'no'."
"No, we are not going through the grass down the hill."
"Yes, papa can go through the grass down the hill."
"Because papa is a very good cyclist."
"No, mama is not such a very good cyclist."
"Yes, papa goes much faster than mama."
"I would like papa to come home too, Blondie."

NaBloPoMo November 2014

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Great story, and a lovely picture of the two of you ��

  2. E. op de heuvel:
    "Kun je alweer praten mama?"
    "En nu?"
    "En nu?"
    "Goed zo mama, het gaat heel goed! Ik vind het heel knap van je." (Echt waar!)