zondag 9 november 2014

Mama monologue: dinner time

"Big Boy, Blondie, it's time for dinner."
"Yes Blondie, that is a very nice lego house, now please sit at the table."
"Yes, you may have the house at the table. No, not within reach. It is only for looking at. Now please sit at the table."
"Thank you, it's very good of you to clean up the legos, but I will do that after dinner. Can you please come and sit at the table."
"No really, I will do that after dinner, SIT AT THE TABLE."

"Big Boy, sit in your chair."
"What do you mean, pooh pooh? Let me check."
"No, Big Boy, you have not done pooh pooh."
"No really Big Boy, your diaper is clean. You have not done pooh pooh. Now sit down."
"Okay, okay, I will put you on the potty."
"No Blondie, you stay seated, you cannot go and play with the legos again. I will be right back."
"Have you done pooh pooh yet? Yes, that is your belly button. Yes, that is your foot. Yes, that is your hand. Yes, that is your T-shirt. You are not doing pooh pooh, are you?"

"Tonight we are having banana soup with egg. You like this."
"Yes Blondie, banana soup is green."
"Yes Blondie, bananas and eggs are yellow."
"The soup is green because of the spices."
"No, the soup is not spicy."
"The red bits are peppers."
"Just put the peppers in my soup, then eat your own."
"Just taste the soup, please. The last time you really liked it."
"No, I did not do anything different. This is in fact the same soup as last time. I defrosted it."

"Big boy, please taste the soup."
"No, Big Boy, it is not hot."
"See, mama is eating it, and I have blown on it, so really, it is not hot."
"Well, if you stick the spoon back into the pan, yes, than it is hot again."
"Just eat it."
"Please, would you just TRY?"
"Big Boy, if you would just stop spitting out the soup, you might actually like it."
"Let me pour your soup in a cup, so you don't need to use the spoon anymore."
"Okay, okay, I will re-pour it into the yellow cup."

"Thank you, Blondie, I am glad you like the soup. Yes, Big Boy, of course you can have some more. Mama is very happy that you two are such good eaters."

 Broccoli quiche, another family favourite.

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