maandag 25 augustus 2014

Plaatjespost & Picture Post: Reading habits of Toddler J.

There are certain things in life that J. loves. Balls. Music. Food. Running. His sister, usually. And yesterday I realised that his reading habits are a perfect mirror of his other fascinations.

In order of adoration:

"Les instruments du monde" (with sound effects)

"Op een grote paddenstoel" (illustrated children's songs)

("In de maneschijn")

"Puppies" (nearly autobiographical)

"Ollie" (wear and tear due to it being deeply pre-loved by E.)

"Disney's the little mermaid"

No points for guessing this last book. Or J.'s favourite page.

All of these books were gifts, with the exception of "Puppies" - but I only bought that, because J. wouldn't let go of it in the shop and I wanted to leave (incidentally, the same reason why E. has a small Ikea children's lounge chair in her room). So a big heartfelt thanks to Marion, Eva, Ilse, Jasleen and Wies: you clearly know your way around a little boy's mind. 

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  1. Leuk weer een verhaaltje te lezen en foto's te zien. Ik hoop dat je tijd vindt om vaker wat te schrijven.