vrijdag 29 augustus 2014

Finally, a triathlon (sprint edition)

Triathlon take away #1: I RULE on a bicycle. Eat my dust, all you intimidating athletic looking females in your fancy triathlon suits.

Triathlon take away #2: I SUCK at transitioning (getting changed between sports). Do other people not mind if they get sand in their shoes? (EWW, gross, no, not going there.)

Triathlon take away #3: It's a fantastic feeling to run hand in hand with the entire family, the three year old beaming with pride in her Elsa T-shirt, man Tamtam carrying a jumping toddler J. on his back, but it didn't say much for my running speed.

Triathlon take away #4: A cycle speed of 28.7 km/hr is apparently not slow, and a running speed of slightly less than 10 km/hr apparently is. I got that backwards.

Triathlon take away #5: I don't know how to swim. But drafting certainly helps.

Triathlon take away #6: I am faster on subsequent laps. Diesel for life!

Triathlon take away #7: No, man Tamtam, it was not because you gave me such a good bike. But the years of indoctrination with cycling lore and training tips came in very handy. (Yes, I listened. I do that sometimes!)

Triathlon take away #8: I will do this again. But maybe a nice cycling race first. I like that zooming feeling.

Triathlon take away #9: Those tight triathlon suits work surprisingly well across a range of body types. (Yes, one intimidating athletic looking female in a fancy triathlon suit, right here, looking awesome.)

Overall: 34th out of 87 finishers.
Swimming (750m): 44
Cycling (18km): 13
Running (5km): 48
Transitioning: 42 and 51 (yes! You get marked for the speed with which you change your shoes!)

ps. Man Tamtam took all these amazing pictures - it's hard to capture a fast-moving target!

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  1. You Finisher! It's fantastic! Congratulations!

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