maandag 23 juni 2014

Plaatjespost & Picture post: Desaru, again

So we thought of going to Melaka again, and ended up going to Desaru, again. This time, we didn't even rent a car, we decided to take the ferry. This is actually much more convenient, especially since nobody else does it, so there are no queues, no waiting time and lots of immigration officers to coo over hyperactive blond toddlers.

We knew Lotus Beach Resort Desaru (or LBRD, for short) is huge, caters to Malaysian and Singaporean families, has three pools and imported sand on the beach. We were expecting crowds and laughter and huge buffets filled with nasi lemak, prata and noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We were looking forward to pool time, beach time and general child time on the huge lawn in front of the buffet restaurant with endless views of the ocean, soft breezes and the quiet murmurs of the sea.

We hadn't expected that on that big lawn, there is now a games arcade, a trampoline trapeze thing and two extra restaurants, one of which features a live band. On the beach itself, the resort has built a cocktail bar.

"All new", the management gushed. Indeed.

The wonderful thing about children is that they have no sense of how things ought to be. Both of our toddlers adored riding around the resort in the golf buggies and running around the reception area with the luggage carts. Elsemieke fed rabbits at the petting zoo and Julius poked a rooster. Elsemieke tried to take a small Chinese child home from the swimming pool ("But she likes me too!"). Both blondies decided to drink fresh coconut water and eat huge helpings of fried rice and prawn omelet. Julius adored the live band and dragged us over to dance to their songs every night. (The band adored us too.)

They had a fantastic time. We had a great time. Who knows - we might even go back. Again.

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