dinsdag 5 november 2013

Plaatjespost & Picture Post: Mumbai with toddler and baby

So, we went to Mumbai for the long weekend. This being the one with the Muslim public holiday on Tuesday (Hari Raya Haji), little did we suspect our hotel on Juhu Beach would be the sight for a wild Hindu festival as well on Sunday (Durga Puja).

But then, that's India for you - continuously springing surprises.

Two night flights, a three hour time difference, non-spicy food with chilis ("but those are not the spicy kind of chilis!"), two children who survive on yoghurt, milk and bananas, mad traffic and constant pollution - we will not be doing this again anytime soon.

And yet - we had a blast. We met lovely friends, we (the adults) ate wonderful food, we saw loads of animals (wandering cows, begging monkeys, touristy camels, goats everywhere, by the roadside, on taxi's, in riksha's), we saw loads of colourful shiny things, we were mobbed by adoring strangers.

It was good. Not advisable, definitely not a good idea, but still a surprisingly happy holiday.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een mooie foto's al die fantastische kleuren. Wat houden de Indiërs toch van felle kleuren, mooi en zeker op foto's.