vrijdag 1 november 2013

Nablopomo! Bombay, Netherlands and Singapore

It's the first of November or National Blog Posting Month!

And yes, I fully intend to take part once again. Also, I want to do a themed month again. Last year's on parenting was a success, at least as far as I'm concerned, since (in order of importance) I had a lot of fun writing the posts, some people reacted with interesting thoughts and conversations and I got a lot of page views.

So, without further ado I unveil this year's theme: places!

Well, that got you excited, didn't it?

Here's my idea: November has (roughly) four weeks. Each week I will cover one place with pictures on Monday (a picture post), what to do with a toddler and a baby, what NOT to do with a toddler and a baby on Tuesday and Thursday, on Wednesday I will discuss my pick of the local literature, and on Friday I will either answer questions or babble away in Dutch on a random topic.

So far I've decided on Bombay/Mumbai, Singapore and the Netherlands - all places with strong personal ties, where I've spent extended periods of time.

The fourth, I don't know yet. How about you give me suggestions?

Anyway - this schedule leaves today and the weekends for other things, like how are we nowadays anyway?

You may have noticed it's been a tad quiet around here. It's because I've got a job. And two small children. And my brain shuts down after 9pm, which incidentally coincides with the moment newly-three Blondie finally lies down, shuts up and goes to sleep. (And starts coughing - yes! The infamous cough is BACK!)

Speaking of the infamous cough: Baby J. does not have it. So if you like, I could do a few posts on The Differences Between Blondie And Baby J. (I could in fact go on and on and on and on and on about it, this being one of my specialty subjects, together with Ways In Which Blondie Showers Love On Baby J. That Are In Fact Life-Threatening To The Very Being She So Clearly Adores.)

Finally, for those of you living in Singapore: the wheather and climate people predict 10-20% more rainfall in the next two months than usual. So this might be a good moment to buy that new umbrella and invest in some flipflops and a plastic bag in which to carry your nice shoes.

See you tomorrow! On Monday, we'll kick off with Bombay in pictures - let me know what fourth city/place you'd like me to explore!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice you have started again!
    Ill look forward to more!
    aunty Thiel

  2. I fully agree with my sister. I enjoy your blog so much!
    Is this a good sign??
    Oma Fien