vrijdag 5 juli 2013

Stuff that happened

It's been a while. As it turns out, second children are not necessarily a walk in the park compared to first ones. Who'd've thought?

And everything you've ever heard about how important eight uninterrupted hours of sleep are for mental and physical health: hogwash. It's perfectly possible to survive and (tempting faith here) thrive on six non-consecutive hours.

Other recent discoveries: people have feet.

Also: Cheese sticks float. And they taste so much better when finished off with a sprinkling of chlorine.

More stuff that happened in the hiatus:

For a brief while we had the most amazing view in town...

...until we moved again, to an apartment which discourages prancing about in underwear due to being massively overlooked but which is So Much Nicer in every other respect.

I lost more than my fair share of baby weight, due to sudden heartburn caused by chocolate and biscuits (seriously! I tested this hypothesis SEVERAL times) until said reaction miraculously disappeared and I gained (some! only some! of) the weight back.

Still, I had to go out and buy lots of lovely dresses as I found a job, for which I need to be properly dressed. I went to the interview in the very best dress I own, which turned out to be just right for the office standard, and since I can't wear the same dress to work every day, I had to go and clean out the Zara.

It turns out a career in journalism is not conducive to filling a wardrobe with presentable office wear suitable for a proper, grown-up, fulltime communications person.

Who'd've thought?

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