woensdag 6 maart 2013

Beautiful Mama Blog Award!

Yes, I got another award, courtesy of Crystal over at Expat Bostonians: the Beautiful Mama Blog Award. Isn't that cool? I love Crystal (I did before the award too, this is just the icing on the cake)(judging by Facebook pictures Crystal's pretty good at icing cakes).

So, without further ado (I have a newborn thus no time for ado), here are the rules:

1. Talk about three things I love about being a mother.
2. Nominate as many other deserving mama's as I like.

I lovelovelove the toddler phase, even if there's a bit of tantrummy behaviour going on (although I blame that on Baby J.'s arrival and my appalling skyrocketing stress levels. I do notnotnot like the newborn phase.) I love talking to E. (in fairness, I even love talking to Baby J., who has taken to softly murmuring "guh" and then beaming to the back of beyond if anyone says it back to him. Endless entertainment!)

Yesterday evening during dinner, I asked her why she wasn't eating her salad.

Me: "Mummy really likes salad. Do you want to try the lettuce?"
E.: "Rabbits eat lettuce. I eat fish and cheese."

I love being part of something that is bigger and more enduring than myself. I find great satisfaction in being part of the fabric of humanity, of being enveloped within a knot of blood bonds instead of being the end of the line, of continuing the line of my grandmother, my aunts, my mother and myself. With Baby J. we're doing the same on the male side. I love family. Now I'm building my own.

I love the unveiling of a whole new dimension to life. Most of the songs that I love date back to my teens and twenties, the most intensely lived period in my life, when I discovered all the great emotions and treasures of life: falling in love, living on my own, solving crises, forging deep friendships, gamely galloping way past my own limits and crawling back again. I got to know me.

Then life slowed down, I got a job, I knew my boundaries and the cost of crossing them, I knew my joys, and life was fun and comfortable, but not very exciting anymore, neither himmelhoch jauchzend nor zu Tode betruebt.

But now I'm getting to know E. and Baby J. and life is back in the fast lane, even though outwardly it may seem to have become smaller and more housebound. Practically, it has. Emotionally, it's way, way out there again.

I like that. Because outside my comfort zone is where the magic happens. And that is the truth of being part of a family.


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  1. CONGRATS!!!!!
    I've been stuck in a hole for the longest time - work meh - and completely missed this.
    Will get this post done soon. :)