maandag 7 januari 2013

Random pregnancy stuff: Boredom!

I am addicted to ice cubes. Especially chewing them. I get really annoyed when staff at restaurants try to remove my cup with the cubes still in them. I'm eating those, people!

I am eating like a maniac and not gaining a whole lot of weight. This is remarkably different from my pregnancy with E., when I was also eating like a maniac but putting on loads of weight. "We need to buy more chocolate", S. concluded when he once again only found empty wrappers in the fridge. Well - I don't think that'll solve the problem. It might solve my midnight cravings though.

I wish there was a tiny window of normalcy between being heavily pregnant and having a newborn. A true "babymoon" where I got to be myself again for a few days, enjoy my body, before plunging head first into newborn baby craziness.

My to do list is empty. I have also read all of longform. I have no interest in fiction and am reading parenting manuals instead (the lovely The idle parent and the very scary Attachment parenting). For light relief I've got Conquest: the English Kingdom of France, about the period in the Hundred Years' War (1337 to 1453) in which the English king actually factually WAS the French king too. I've just spelled the chronology at the back, but it doesn't mention my childhood hero Bertrand du Guesclin. (#fail)

I tried watching Twilight: Breaking dawn Part I (that title reminds me of this other cinematic gem: Rambo: First Blood II - except that one at least made me laugh) which is horrendously boring. I've also finally watched Enchanted and that too is quite ridiculous. But at least it has a proper fire spewing dragon instead of drippy werewolves and soulful vampires.

E. will be going to daycare full days until the baby's is born. This is a source of humungous guilt as I sit on the couch and incubate (this sounds much nicer in Dutch: broeden). But I KNOW that this'll be the last peace and quiet I'll have in at least three months' time so I've even managed to start napping in the afternoon. I need to do this for all of us. I am so much more fun when I get more sleep.

Maybe I'll add a morning nap. It's still two hours until the reruns of Asia's Next Top Model start.

I am thoroughly, utterly, completely bored. Just like last time, in fact. Maternity leave, schmaternity leave. Can that baby hurry up and get here already?

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  1. Hugs. If you want to borrow any dvds or have company, let me know.

  2. DVD's sound good! I am actually not very good company at the moment (as you might be able to tell from the slightly exasperated and annoyed tone of voice above...) I know you love cookery shows - any chance of those? Otherwise, musicals sound fantastic as well! I am not very well-versed in the genre (beyond the megahits like Sound of Music and Chicago) so this is your chance to educate me :D

  3. Hahaha ice cubes, I know a certain sibling of yours who does that ;) And once again I am mentally ROFTL with your words ;) (real ROFTL would lead to too much cat hair on my clothes:P)

    I guess it is indeed good to save aaaaall that energy for the upcoming "madness" :) All the best K! Huuug

    1. It's our hot-blooded nature that necessitates the cube thing, I suspect - cold hands, warm hearts and all that!

  4. Reacties
    1. Thank you :) And thank you for the decision to keep writing as well :D