maandag 3 december 2012

Snipperdag - Thinking day

Today I am taking the day off to ruminate on life, last Saturday's inspiring Tedx Women conference, several possible writing assignments that I've been looking at and really should do more than look at, the start of my personal happiness project (no time like the present, especially in the face of a life changing event in a month's time) and last but definitely not least to do my taxes. For 2011.

So see you all on Wednesday!

ps. A 'snipperdag' is something that probably only exists in the Netherlands because in some jobs some people get ridiculous amounts of time off (like I did in my first job...) It means to take leave from work for a day, just... Because. To think a bit, to do a bit of gardening, to laze around mid-week and relax. It's no wonder we are known for our preference for life over work in the work-life balance if taking a 'snipperdag' is not only accepted but congratulated as the best way to ensure mental and physical health.

ps II. In fact, after three months in my first job, my boss sidled up to me and said: "You haven't taken a single day off yet this year. Shouldn't you go home? Maybe this afternoon?" My leave that year amounted to almost ten weeks, so in fairness, if I didn't get a head start on taking days off, I'd never get rid of the load by the start of the next period.

ps III. I did manage to take ALL of that leave the second year, though. I am a good student.

ps IV. Obviously, I was paid peanuts and could barely subsist on my salary. Huge bonuses and generous amounts of leisure time generally do not co-exist in the same office.

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  1. I love this true work life balance concept. In Singapore it's only all just for show.

    1. It's interesting to note that the Dutch are also VERY productive when actually at work. And it's commonly frowned upon to do any sort of personal stuff (even calling insurance companies and the like) during working hours. When at work - we work. After all, we get enough time off to do that sort of thing!