maandag 17 december 2012

Plaatjespost & Picture post: Week 37 and counting

This is S. and me and E. a month or two before everybody else found out her name.

This is S. and me and E. mere days before she'd pop out. As you can see, in the best Dutch tradition we'd prepared the bedroom for the possibility of a home birth by raising the bed higher off the floor by putting beer crates underneath, in order to be in accordance with labour regulations (the ones concerning midwives not bending too much and straining their backs, there are no labour regulations for women giving birth).

This is one of S.'s favourite pictures of me and Elsemieke, shot by the wonderful Eun Leij of Kekke Kiekjes (she shot the first picture shown above as well, actually).

In fact, S. liked it so much, he copied it yesterday. Here is me and Sonny Boy at three weeks before the due date.

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