donderdag 27 december 2012

Plaatjespost & Picture post: Christmas, the day after

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas, more amazing than we'd ever expected. There were heaps of food, lunches, brunches and dinners, including one wholly traditional British one down to the sprouts and the duck fat for the potatoes (and, of course, the Christmas crackers), one Canadian one with Vietnamese influences, one American one with balloons for the children and one Dutch breakfast with a Christmas stol (we did that one ourselves). There was even a birthday dinner for me in there somewhere, with the best possible present: loud, snorting, crying laughter.

I like the whole family thing with Christmas (I know you're not supposed to, you're supposed to complain about the whole obligatory visiting thing and how only duty forces you into this, but I genuinely enjoy it. It's because I actually really like my and S.'s family, so there you go. My secret's out now.) Also, we usually ski at Christmas, which I also really, really like. So skyping with my family while they're running around sorting out their gear to get out on the mountains and I sit here all whale-like sweating in the blistering heat is ever so slightly painful. I wasn't looking forward to that, to be honest. Christmas in the Tropics without family just isn't the real thing.

But this year we had a blast. It's been brilliant. And this is purely thanks to all those lovely, wonderful people who invited us over and came to our place and got us and themselves into the spirit of things, made us laugh, seduced us to go to bed extremely late, gave S. whiskey and poured me sparkling apple juice, made sure there were presents for E., fed us sprouts and ham and pumpkin and fried rice with shrimp, taught us the After Eight game that doesn't involve kissing and caused the eyebrows of the gynaecologist to rise when he saw the weight gain between this and last week (I have to admit, it is fairly impressive).

These pictures were taken today - the day after. We're tired, we're happy, we're working our way through the left-overs and we're loving our blessed life in Singapore. Thank you. May all of your 2013 be a string of joyful Christmasses!

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