donderdag 29 november 2012

Work situation update

It's probably my continental European background, but I feel really weird paying for university by credit card.

But yes, I am (once again) back at university. As an Economics student this time, distance learning at the University of London, program overseen by the awe-inspiring London School of Economics. So we'll see if I do last the distance. (Pun intended, obviously.) 

I have secret hopes of writing my bachelor thesis on the medieval relic trade, marrying all my interests in one fell swoop. Except that Patrick Geary got there first. 

In other news: the expat interactive map is finally online, yay Z24! Go find out where you should move to (if you should move at all, you whiny Dutchies). 

And my post on happiness, babies and work situations is going to be published in the Singapore American Newspaper, who'll hopefully let me contribute to their paper more often.

All of these just sort of happened. And none of these have anything to do with my actual wild fantasy plans for which the books on my desk are currently piling up (this is not a sign of progress. Progress would be if they'd be randomly spread around the house with notes sticking out of them, because that would mean I'm actually reading them). But there's always hoping.

I still have six long and wonderful weeks before the second child is born! And everybody assures me that that will be a breeze compared to the first one! So none of my projects are on hold. Full steam ahead, I have exams in May!

Ps. Did I mention I'm studying Mandarin as well? 

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3 opmerkingen:

  1. Bang dat je je gaat vervelen de komende tijd???

    1. Hoe langer ik zwanger ben, hoe meer zin ik krijg in werken en mijn hersens laten kraken - precies het tegenovergestelde van de vorige keer :D Sommige dingen zijn de tweede keer blijkbaar toch heel anders!

    2. Ik spreek je over een week of 6 wel weer...