zaterdag 24 november 2012

Plaatjespost & Picturepost: Ice ice Blondie

This is my current favourite picture ever of E. And even though I've taken photography classes (I and II), and have a spanky intimidating DSLR camera and in general dislike intensely to use my mobile for pictures as I tend to tremble and wobble and squint at the not-quite-visible picture on the screen, this particular day some sort of universal benevolence beam shone at us.

I have not had to change or photoshop a single thing. This is the actual picture as taken by me by the Dutch roadside with my wobbly mobile. Go figure. 

I do know however why E. looks so adorably cute. It's the scarf, handmade* with yarn carefully picked to offset her particular colouring. 

And there's more where that scarf came from! So contact me if you want to spare your child from freezing in the best-looking way possible.

There's a hat to go with it as well!

This DSLR taken picture however has been extensively photoshopped, contrast, colour temperature, rotate, you name it, I've fiddled with it. But the hat actually does look like that. I just needed E. to resemble herself as well.

* Not by me, obviously. But the artist is still working on setting up an Etsy store, so I've taken it upon myself to see if I could get some word-of-mouth going.

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