donderdag 1 november 2012

Nablopomo: Alle berichten & All posts (2012)

NaBloPoMo: On Parenting

Lessons learned: Name sharing

Lessons learned: Sharing a name, part II

Lessons learned: Crying babies and breast milk

Do French parents talk to their children?

Lessons learned: A mother's love

Eekhoorns spotten

Lessons learned: flying with a toddler/vliegen met peuter

Plaatjespost & Picture Post: Blue Blondie

Singaporeans do things the same: Lanterns in autumn

Lessons learned: Sleeping through the night

Lessons learned: having it all, part I

Lessons learned: having it all, part II


Ja hoor: Hij Is Er!

Birth: Pain and relief

Rant: More on pain and natural birth

Liebster Award: a series of elevenses

Lessons learned: Baby jet lag and the silver lining

Lessons learned: On happiness, babies and cultural differences

Repeating history: Living quarters

Lessons learned: Sometimes other people are right

Plaatjespost & Picture post: Ice ice Blondie

Plaatjespost & Picture post: Sunday morning vitamines

Lessons learned: Dutch, expat and school birthday parties

Lessons learned: The unexpected uses of road-race cycling

Het fijnste moment van de dag

Work situation update

Nablopomo 2012: The finish line

NaBloPoMo November 2012

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  1. Hello there, K - good to meet last night at the blog event. Was looking for details of Nablopomo, also for your blog, which I've just spent a lovely half-hour reading through. Keep posting! See you soon... Mrs