woensdag 10 oktober 2012

Pregnancy: climatic pros and cons

The advantage of COLD seasons from a pregnant point of view:

1. Colder climes means no more swollen hands or feet. Yay!

2. Natural air conditioning, no overheating or dissolving into sweaty puddles and leaving humid trails everywhere I go.

3. Full body coverage, meaning no having to reach difficult body parts to get rid of darkly visible hairs (think: legs). 

4. Cheap berries during summer to soothe rampant berry craving.

The advantage of constant TROPICAL weather from a pregnant point of view:

1. Flip flops, i.e.: no need to acrobatically bend parts of body to hastily throw on socks in the nanosecond I am able to maintain said challenging position.

2. Three lovely dresses, several nice skirts, four or five nice tops, a few tank tops and a huge bikini suffice for the whole pregnancy. No need for different or cumulative sets of clothing in order to adjust to different sets of weather. Case in point: in Singapore there would have been no need to appropriate Brother's huge winter jacket to cover cold and protesting Tamtam II bulge, forcing Brother to wear highly flattering, tailored grey fleece jacket at all times thus causing him to be chased by hordes of besotted women. (I am not being chased by anybody, including E., who has transferred all affection to her grandparents who shamelessly indulge requests for smoothies, swing pushing and "Sassa" video's.)

3. Less layers to peel off on frequent (so very frequent) bathroom visits. Also: less bathroom visits due to abundance of pore activity. 

4. No cold feet when getting out of bed. (This is actually independent of being pregnant, but lovely enough to merit mention in any list singing the praises of tropical climes.)

Obviously, this is a highly personal list. Please add your own favorites and findings in the comments!

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