dinsdag 11 september 2012

Plaatjespost & Picture post: learning photography

I have been the proud owner of a digital DSLR camera for all of nine months. However, since we are talking about a Seriously Impressive Piece of Equipment here, I needed something to boost my confidence enough to actually use it. Enter the photography courses. Yes - I am in the midst of a second course, seriously contemplating a third as well. And you know? The more I learn, the more I know I know nothing. Thank you  Socrates for pointing that out!

But I thought I could show you a little of what I've learned. This post I'll show you the best of my homework for the beginners' course, taught by Karen Lucas of Baobab Photo (she is a fantastic teacher and a passionate photographer - however, if you're not in Singapore and thus not able to avail yourself of her services, you might look into this online course by multi-talent Eun Leij).

Lesson 1: Still life. Note how the focus is on the flower of the sandal (which is lying on a beach in Borneo). The sandals have since died, but at least I have this lovely picture. 
Settings: Av (aperture priority) - aperture 5.6 - shutter speed 1/100s - ISO 250 - focal length 53.

Lesson 2: Portrait. What you do not see in this picture, are my feet keeping the lovely E. in place. I had set up the whole thing and tried out the lighting with a teddy bear as per instructions, but my model just wouldn't stay put. And I couldn't move without throwing all my carefully designed settings of. Thankfully, Karen also taught us the value of continuous shooting ("clickclickclickclickclick"). 
Settings: Av (aperture priority) - aperture 5.6 - shutter speed 1/125s - ISO 400 - focal length 75.

Lesson 3: Action. I have frozen a fountain in this picture without having to have my genes altered. Ha, beat that, X-men. (Actually, as you can tell from the background, it was way too dark to take this picture properly. That's also why the ISO is ridiculously high. But since I just wanted the drops clearly defined, it worked anyway.)
Settings: Tv (shutter speed priority) - aperture 5 - shutter speed 1/320s - ISO 6400 - focal length 44.

Still Action - this is called "panning", where you move your camera at approximately the same speed as the vehicle or moving figure and go "clickclickclickclickclick" like a fanatical sports photographer. I'm not very good at it. But the five of us clicking away certainly made these guys' day!
Settings: Tv (shutter speed priority) - aperture 20 - shutter speed 1/30s - ISO 100 - focal length 18.

Lesson 4: Night shooting, or: painting with light! Fun fun fun! This is called a "zoomburst" - while photographing I zoomed out. This is possible because of the slooooow shutter speed and because nothing needed to be sharp or clear cut in the picture. (It is a picture of Coleman Bridge.)
Settings: Tv (shutter speed priority) - aperture 8 - shutter speed 1s - ISO 800 - focal length 135.

Lesson 5: Repeat everything on location (I made that up). We went to Little India and practised everything we had learned so far. My most gorgeous picture is actually a portrait of a fellow student sitting in front of bags of red onions (it looks much better than it sounds), but I really shouldn't slather pictures of other people all over the internet without their permission. This picture however I love as well - the assignment was to think of a theme and go out and take five pictures. My theme was "ton sur ton" - shades of the same colour found together on different objects. These are broomsticks against adjoining walls. (Yes, Little India is my kind of colour paradise.)(All right, so I moved the broom sticks to make a prettier picture.)
Settings: Av (aperture priority) - aperture 5 - shutter speed 1/1600s - ISO 800 - focal length 48.

Later, in Little India, candles in a temple.
Settings: Av (aperture priority) - aperture 5.6 - shutter speed 1/80s - ISO 1600 - focal length 135 - exposure bias +0.3step.

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  1. Wat een geweldig goede foto van E super zeg!
    Zo worden de fotoos wel steeds beter!

    1. Ja, dat is ook duidelijk te zien aan de foto's van de tweede cursus! Helaas moest ik twee lessen missen, dus het is nog even wachten op de inhaaldagen voor ik daar foto's van kan posten :( Maar er zit in ieder geval een hele coole skyline van Singapore tussen!

  2. Gorgeous shots!

    I took a photography class before I had a DSLR and I'm finding that I really didn't retain much/I've gotten very lazy. I've been thinking about taking another class.