dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

Plaatjespost & Picture Post: Our front door

Welcome, visitor! This is what it looks like when you step out of the elevator and onto our hallway. We live in a serviced apartment, meant for short term occupation (a few weeks to a few months)(yes, the length of our stay is slightly out of the ordinary). It's furnished in muted beige, olive and brown colours with big black and white prints on the walls, but we have managed to subvert the colour scheme into green, white and blue with a little help from Ikea and lots of pictures on the walls. 

On the 8th floor there is a pool and a breakfast room (yes, breakfast is included, which is handy when we run out of milk in the morning). We also get housekeeping every day (yes, that means daily clean towels and sheets) and if there is anything wrong maintenance will hurry up and fix it for us. Montly pest control comes and blasts all ants out of their evil little holes. Basically, this is the easy life.

The building is basically a square hollow tube and the open air hallway faces inwards (so that our balconies face outwards). Pictures of the red brick facade and pool can be found here, pictures of the inside of the house here, but what I'd like to show you today is the walk from the elevator to our front door, as demonstrated by E. who has developed a fascination with heels and golden shoes. MY heels and golden shoes. Also noteworthy: the pictures on the table next to the elevator. Bless. 

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