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Singaporeans do things differently: female blog-o-sphere

Blogging in Singapore is all about food and females.

Blogging in the Netherlands is all about being funny. 

But in both countries the newsy blog-o-sphere outlets are the best read and most visited, all according to Alexa rankings.* Also, it is worth noting that although individual blogs don't show up until much further down, in both countries the hosting sites (such as blogspot and wordpress) are actually in the top 20 of most visited sites, implying that blogging is by no means dead. (Also: the first adult site shows up much much earlier in the Netherlands than in Singapore, as does twitter, which is much less popular on the little red dot than in frog country.) 

Top 5 of Singaporean blogs

1. Temasek Times (49 in Sg, 13,802 globally)
A news site which, as they recently put it themselves, "focus[es] only on 'sexy' news which are [sic] of interest to Singaporeans instead of the mundane run-of-the-mill stuff. Rather than following the mainstream media for lead, we set the agenda ourselves to bring you to new terrains not explored by anybody else". Presumably this is why they report every time the MRT has a few minutes delay.

2. Tainyan (203 in Sg, 56,533 globally)
A blog explaining how to blog and properly protect your blog. Very useful information.

3. Xiaxue (1,302 in Malaysia, 58,512 globally)
Singapore's premier blogging personality, a tiny powerhouse who met her Texan husband through her blog. She's honest, she's explicit, she's had plastic surgery and she has youtube videos to tell what and how. 

4. Lady Iron Chef (343 in Sg, 80,177 globally)
A food blogger, telling Singaporeans where to go and what to eat. One of many, many, many such food bloggers in Singapore. Actually, even non-food bloggers (including female personality bloggers such as Xiaxue) make it a point to photograph and rave about their meals.

5. Asarikaisin.blogspot.com (312 in Sg, 89,841 globally)
This is, according to Google, a Japanese written blog and I can therefore not comment on it.

Top 5 of Dutch blogs

1. Dumpert (25 in Nl, 2,995 globally)
Videoblog, off shoot of newsy satire blog Geenstijl, with generally funny or embarrassing or painful-to-watch video's. (If this does not sound attractive, it's because I really dislike both this blog and its parent.)

2. Tweakers (29 in Nl, 2,586 globally)
The go-to site for all tech lovers and all those who seek tech information. Brilliant site, even noobs like myself can find information and useful knowledge there, written in such a way that it's understandable to my analog-wired brain.

3. Geenstijl (30 in Nl, 3,117 globally)
Satire or tasteless, it all depends on your taste. And, according to Alexa, your gender and age. (But watch out: those young testorone bombs reading this site generally have a graduate level education. I'm looking at you, S.)

4. Frankwatching (117 in Nl, 13,557 globally)
Trendwatching in social and digital media, an early adapter who shares the love.

5. Autoblog (202 in Nl, 15,773 globally)
A blog about cars, cars, cars. I used to use this blog a lot actually when I was an automotive journalist.

Now here's the thing. Singaporean blogs are much more geared towards women (and are read more by women) than the Dutch most popular blogs, which happened to be quite male oriented. Interesting, no? 

Also, Dutch blogs HAVE to be funny. Singaporean blogs seem to have to be either informative, shocking or chock full of "cam-whoring" pictures (their words, not mine, and I shall persevere to not ever use them again). 

I don't know why this is. But I do know that many women try to get into blogging in Singapore (many people in fact) and that there's an industry to blogging that I was not aware off before coming here, an industry which I think is (sadly?) lacking in the Netherlands. More on that later!

* Disclaimer: I checked the Alexa rankings on 11th July 2012. I tried to limit myself to blogs, and more specifically, homegrown blogs. This presented some problems, so there are exceptions, most notably the blog of Wendy Cheng or Xiaxue which is registered in Malaysia. I have compared her global ranking to that of Singaporean bloggers as I know she lives in Singapore, but as this shows it is quite possible I have missed other blogs which are registered outside the respective countries. So by no means I am pretending to be either complete nor without oversight. The figures are meant to support my argument of a difference in trends in the two countries.

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