dinsdag 10 juli 2012

Plaatjespost & Picture post: Supertree Grove

The weather has been lovely in Singapore lately. It's been raining almost daily, with a little bit of thunder and lightning thrown in and a constant breeze billowing in from the sea (as Singapore is an island, all breezes come in from the sea).

The weeks before were hellish, with lots of sun, no shady clouds, no breeze and steadily climbing humidity. Streets emptied, and the only people venturing outside were tourists - Western ones in tank tops and flip flops, Asian ones with hats and umbrellas. Thankfully we're getting to the end of the sunny season, and the humidity will relieve itself again in daily bursts of torrential tropical rain.

However. Having said all that, I wouldn't have minded a short dry spell when we went to visit the Supertree Grove at the new Gardens by the Bay. (I know, I know, we were the very last people in Singapore to manage to get over there, so very not kiasu. We need to get our act together.) It was lovely though, with a concert by cover band 11th Hour, who managed to energize if not all of the visitors to the park at the least the ones huddled next to the stage, a string quartet whose flamboyant elderly violin player let his bow wow his demure (but red dressed) Asian lady counterpart and a running race in the background, carefully watched over by the skyscrapers of the financial district, where S. lives during the working week.

At night the Supertrees light up with the solar energy they've stored during the day.

I apologize for the (g)rainy quality of the pictures, but our plans to go back on Sunday night and do a spot of proper ball room dancing (am not joking) fell predictably through when a. it rained again, b. we had lovely people over who offered to get us proper Chinese food and c. we'd already been cycling and swerving around the monkeys at the Peirce Reservoir Parks while aforementioned lovely people looked after napping E. Such a wonderful weekend.

Anyway. Here are my, admittedly bad, pictures.

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