dinsdag 24 juli 2012

Plaatjespost & Picture post: Cameron Highlands and Ipoh

So sorry for the long silence! I've been working on my tan.

(And, writing that, I've just realized that is generally considered a bad idea for someone who's pregnant.)

No, really, S., E. and myself have been out and about all over the place, and the reason I've found the time to type this is because we're in the eye of the storm, not because the social typhoon season has passed.

In boring chronological order, which does not in any way reflect the actual enjoyment of various activities, first we went to the Malaysian Cameron Highlands for tea and scones and cool weather ("there's no aircon in this room", worried S. shortly after our arrival and just before he decided to put on a second sweater). Then we headed back down into the hot plains around Ipoh and did some cave temple sight seeing for the lovely ladies and some bicycle racing for The Man, who proved his status by riding over said plains at a furious pace of 41 km/hr and passing the finish line after 160 km as 12th overall out of 1800 participants. (S.'s fierce female colleague snagged an impressive 4th place of about 60 female riders).

On Monday sister F. arrived amidst a flurry of presents and activities, which was not only brilliant for reasons of filling a sister shaped hole in my life, but also for reasons of entertaining the toddler while mummy takes a shower and other similar activities. Toddler E. very much enjoyed teacher F.'s practised voice and story telling capabilities, seeing as how boring mummy generally does not want to read more than two stories at any given time. E. also caught another bout of bronchitis, which meant no daycare, a very peaceful day in the Gardens due to fever and accompanying general drowsiness on the part of the toddler, and lots of quality time with auntie.

After I physically restrained the toddler from entering the gates with auntie (so unfair, really, why could she not hop over to Vietnam for a little while with her godmother?) we headed over to arrivals to pick up another auntie and E.'s godfather. (Well, technically, we went home, slept and then S.'s brother P. and his girlfriend IJ. got themselves a taxi from the bus station to our house, but there's factual truth and poetical truth.) We spent a lovely weekend on the beach, and in the Botanical Gardens, and at the Gardens by the Bay and S. managed to fit in all his favourite Singaporean activities bar one. Two, if you count napping. (I'm not mentioning the first, so as not to rub salt into his wounds.)

Now I'm trawling the internet to find our own next holiday destination (apparently it's humid and rainy and hothothot all over South East Asia in August - who'd have thought?) and planning more sight seeing trips for S.'s other brother who's visiting next weekend and bringing yet another auntie with highly developed reading skills (or so I hope). We are loving the visits and all the touristy tearing around Singapore (there is no such thing as too much beach and whomever said shopping was boring obviously never went into the Mustafa maze), but it has also led to One Big Question dominating all our conversations: how much longer can I keep S. out of that overrated and expensive cable car*?

*Views greatly differ on the quality of said cable car, S. being of the opinion that is The. Best. Thing. Ever. in Singapore.

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