woensdag 13 juni 2012

Reading round up: blog edition

We are off to Bali tomorrow! I can't wait. Apparently my little brother (so he's taller and better educated than I am. Boohoo) almost drowned there once and got pepper in his eyes and STILL my mom counts it as one of the most wonderful places on earth. Must be good so.

But far be it from me to deny you all your lovely reading time, so I decided to let you in om my secret blog list. You know, the one that is published next to these posts that nobody ever clicks on. Since this is my English-language post, I will limit myself to ones that all you will understand (if you really are that kay poh, you could always use Google Translate. I do.)

I've decided to randomly pick articles that I really like from the blogs I really like and not introduce the blog as a whole, this way providing myself with more fodder for future reading list entries and not forcing myself to keep on finding new blogs (I'm reading far too many as it is.)

Without further ado and in the order I thought of them (thus: randomly):

The Belgian constitutional crisis explained with seasonal produce
Belgian Waffle ("ex-eurodrone, unfit mother, slattern") is a British lawyer-writer living in Brussels with her two sons Lashes and Fingers. She is obsessed with beauty products, little animals and showing love by making cakes on request and she is wildly, crazily funny. Go read Belgian Waffling, please!

Finding Faith
This is not about what you think it is. This is about how Mrs Brown, married to blogger Mr Brown, one day lost sight of her autistic daughter Faith in the MRT-station underneath the people-mobbed Singapura Plaza mall. It made me cry. Mr Brown is known as an influential blogger in Singapore, and he points out society's idiosyncrasies with much humour. The podcast Mr Brown Show is also very funny and very worth your while. This post is all about family though, and all about how the different strands of the Singaporean internet community got together to find Faith.

Is this my Singapore?
Gintai, a train officer in Singapore's MRT and blogger at gintai.com, apparently struck a nerve with this blog post on housing cost. As a non-Singaporean and an expat I am well without the loop on this subject, and I do not have any opinion on the subject (but let me assure you that from what I've seen the quality of social housing or HDB's here far outstrips the quality of the social housing in the Netherlands). Clearly it is close to the hearts of many Singaporeans, so I enjoy reading posts like these which help me to understand the country I live in.

Tempting fate
Crystal of Expat Bostonians put this post up mere days after we had flown to the Netherlands with E., thereby destroying all my credibility in claiming that "the younger they are, the easier flying is". Flying with children just is not easy. To me, Crystal is an invaluable resource, as she has been living in Singapore and shared many (well-written) lessons with her readers. But I've also met her in person, and she is just really nice, funny and she loves Eleanor of Aquitaine.

E. has woken up. Good, this means I have lots more left over for another Reading round up. Hurray!

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