maandag 4 juni 2012

Plaatjespost & Picture post: A day in the life of E. part II

Read part I in the life of E., where her normal routine is described, here. This post deals with leisure pursuits.

Us being stereotypically negligent Dutch parents means that apart from her daily chores (detailed here) E. has no classes or other worthwhile weekly activities. We trust the daycare to take care of that and they have assured us that she knows a few words of Mandarin already! Which is a big improvement on her mummy, who only ever got a "nice girl but is severely lacking in Mandarin" on her report card.

This frees up a big chunk of E.'s time for leisure pursuits, which generally fall into either of two categories:

A. inside with toys, and
B. outside with sand and water.

But let's start with brunch, shall we?

Inside: playdate and Royce's kids gym
(There are many similar kid's gyms located all over Singapore. Royce's just happens to be underneath our house.)


Outside: pool, Jacob Ballas Garden and Sentosa

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