maandag 9 april 2012

Plaatjespost & Picture Post: Desaru

Malaysian resort destination Desaru has 22 km of beach and lies within two hours drive of Singapore (three hours if you decide to drive back at 5 pm on the Sunday eve of a holiday weekend. Which, obviously, we did). This used to be the "it" place in the eighties, but somehow in the past thirty years, instead of reaching dizzying heights of success, Desaru lost out to the Indonesian island of Bintan as the favourite Singaporean holiday destination.

However, we were going on a road trip, on account of having rented a car (yes, this is typical of the way we plan trips). And we'd already been to Bintan, where I got sunburnt. So off we went to Desaru, and a good thing it was we didn't go to Melaka, because an eighteen month old child does not like getting stuck into a car seat for more than five minutes.* No, make that four minutes. Next time we'll try putting her in hungry, so she can entertain herself by eating (and throwing up afterwards). That should double the time she's quiet.

We stayed in what was, according to wikitravel and tripadvisor, the best resort: Lotus Desaru Beach Resort. The rooms were amazing, spread over two levels with sunlight streaming in through gauzy curtains slowly moving in the seabreeze, though slightly unsafe with an eighteen month old child when there's no crib available (luckily S. woke up just as she had reached the foot of the bed and managed to grab her leg before she could go off exploring down the stairs).

There were three pools in separate locations (with separate clothing instructions - the one where you had to wear a swim suit was empty except for a few really gorgeous girls and their admiring male companions), a nice stretch of beach with grass and shade, a couple of restaurants of which the buffet one was the nicest (just as in Bintan) and loads and loads of families with children running around, flying kites, blowing bubbles, eating ice cream - the perfect holiday atmosphere.

* In fairness, she didn't mind the car as long as we sang songs for her. Did you know "twinkle twinkle little star" takes approximately 30 seconds to sing? And that there are four versions of this song ("twinkle, twinkle", "ba ba black sheep", "Altijd is Kortjakje ziek", "Olifantje in het bos"), one which has two couplets (yay! "Olifantje in het bos") and one of which is clearly unsuitable for children ("Altijd is Kortjakje ziek" - which tells the story of, well, a prostitute), so that leaves us with four different versions to sing, which in a two hour car drive, minus the four minutes of initial excitement, boils down to 58 times each? How did our parents do this when driving to France, Italy and Spain? We bow to your superior parenting skills in the days before portable dvd-players.

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  1. Wat een schattige fotoos, ja je houdt ons goed op de hoogte en de zon is een grote vijand, aan al die geklede zwemmende mensen te zien.Past ook goed bij je verhaal over de overbezorgdheid!Laatst stond een mevrouw met losse veters in de lift,ik dacht gelukkig is dit geen Singapore!Wel even gewaarschuwd natuurlijk.

  2. Het is een brandende zon hier in de tropen! Maar de belangrijkste reden dat mensen zich zo bedekt te water begeven is het geloof: Maleisie is een moslimland (net als overigens Indonesie). Daarom was het ook zo leeg in het zwembad waar je niet met t-shirts, broeken of hoofddoekjes in mocht! En natuurlijk willen de Aziaten liever niet bruin(er) worden - ik zocht een tijdje terug naar een gezichtscreme zonder bleek, en vond die pas helemaal achteraan op de onderste plank... Dank voor het compliment over de foto's, Simon heeft ook een deel gemaakt!

  3. "Mistress Shortcoat feels so sad
    All week long she takes to bed
    Only Sunday finds her better
    Goes to church dressed in fine feather
    Mistress Shortcoat feels so sad
    All week long she takes to bed."