maandag 23 april 2012

Plaatjespost & Picture post: Cycling life

S. likes cycling. But as I have mentioned before, Singapore is a tiny island. Which means there are no long, winding, deserted provincial routes to take. Instead, enthusiastic cyclists ride the highways and race each other over fly overs (S. sometimes wins these sprints and on those days the beaming of his smile rivals the glare of the sun). Also, it is hot in Singapore. Especially in that blazing sun. However, Singaporeans are all for cycling. Which has led the enthusiasts to the obvious solution (no, not bicycle lanes, fellow Dutchies!): cycle at 6am. (The real fanatics go at 5am, in order to get those extra kilometers done before the sun rises and motorized traffic gets going.)

Yes. S. gets up at least once every weekend at 5am to go cycling at 6am.

He has gracefully let me photograph him on a random Saturday - of course, this has nothing to do with trying to show off his superior stamina and self discipline. (Although he'd not mind me pointing out that it takes a real man to get up and go at that time of the morning and still win the last sprint of the day.) 

Another thing S. would not mind me pointing out: He's got tan lines on his arms! And on his legs! (This is REALLY cool in cycling circles.) Also, take note: S. has two breakfasts on cycling days, one before on his own and one after with the guys - wasn't there someone else who likes to double up on meals in our household?

(bonus picture: look, tan lines!)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een stoere foto's van S en wat een discipline!Tan-lines ga ik nog even opzoeken wat dat nu weer zijn, maar de leukste foto blijft toch E met haar zwaaiende handje, schattig!

  2. "Tan lines" zijn in het wielrens "randjes" - oftewel: de arm is bruin, maar waar het shirtje zat natuurlijk niet. Hoe groter het verschil, hoe meer de wielrenner heeft getraind en hoe gevaarlijker hij dus is. Het gerucht gaat dat sommige wielrenners ter intimidatie in de winter onder de zonnebank gaan. Ja, die foto van E. is wel heel schattig, maar ik ben toch wel groot fan van die ene met de randjes!

  3. De foto van E. met twee stoere wielrenners vind ik ook erg cool!